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The New York-based newspaper The National Herald has featured a substantial interview with Aris Melissaratos about INNOVATION's implications for US national strategy, foreign policy and American recovery.

Mr. Melissaratos,– whom the Herald calls “"America’'s Mr. Fix-it”", said the US had become too service-oriented and urgently needed to renew its aging infrastructure, including energy and water systems that dated back more than a century. This need was nearing emergency priority. The global economy, he added, was a basis for genuine world stability. A failure to appreciate this lay at the root of much contemporary geopolitical discord.

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INNOVATION authors receive wide recognition

The work of authors Aris Melissaratos and N.J. Slabbert has drawn attention across fields from public policy and management studies to world affairs, defense, education and various branches of science and technology. According to the magazine US Black Engineer, Melissaratos is "a dreamer who is proving that one idea can make a difference". The former Vice Chairman of the US military's Joint Chiefs of Staff and Admiral commanding the Sixth Fleet, William A. Owens, says of N.J. Slabbert in a forthcoming book: " It is not only in the national strategic interest of the United States, but in the interests of our survival, for Mr. Slabbert's ideas to take hold. I urge our nation's leaders, and all those interested in the continued strength of the United States, to study and act upon them, for the sake of our children and generations to come."

References to Melissaratos and Slabbert include citations in books, journals, scholarly dissertations, magazines, newspapers and government documents. They range from recent items to prior coverage of the authors’ extensive investigation of America's technological landscape that went into the making of INNOVATION. Some examples:

New Scientist (magazine) * Forbes (magazine) * Papers of the US Congress House Committee on Science * Papers of the US Congress Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation * World Environment Report (book) * Directory of American Research and Technology * Venture Catalyst: The Five Strategies for Explosive Corporate Growth (book) * Agile Competitors and Virtual Organizations: Strategies for Enriching the Customer (book, Foreword by Lee Iacocca) * Manufacturing in 2010 and Beyond: Meeting the Changing Needs of National Defense (book-form report issued by US National Research Council) * Innovation, Social Capital and the New Economy: New Federal Policies to Support Collaborative Research (briefing issued by The Progressive Policy Institute) * Role of Academia in National Competitiveness and Total Quality Management (symposium proceedings) * Roots of Steel: Boom and Bust in an American Mill Town (book) * US Black Engineer (magazine) * Women of Color (magazine) * US Woman Engineer (magazine) * Black Professional (magazine) * Dracula is Dead (book on the fall of the Soviet Union) * The Third Resource: A Universal Ideology of Economics (book) * Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States * 21st Century Manufacturing (book) * International Journal of the Production and Operations Management Society

Popular essays related to INNOVATION include:

* “The Lost Prestige of Nuclear Physics”, in The New Atlantis, reprinted as one of Current

Magazine’'s choices of “the finest, most required reading from all available sources for the

concerned citizen” and has been spotlighted as one of the top online reads worldwide by The

Times of London, Arts & Letters Daily, SciTech Daily, and the popular web sites The Browser, Give Me Something To Read and One Article Per Day, which awarded the essay its slot as “the most intelligent, provocative and interesting article of the day” published online worldwide. The essay was circulated online by the web publishing director of Nature, the world’'s leading science publication.

* “Science-Challenged America Must Reclaim Its Hellenic Roots”,

The History News Network (HNN).

* “Promoting the Universe”, about why it is so difficult to build a scientific culture in 21st-century America, in The Chronicle of Higher Education, topped a list of discussion resources compiled by

the US National Science Foundation / Association of American Colleges and

Universities Leadership Institute program to promote science.

* “Engineers as Visionaries” was chosen as a recommended read by New York City'’s

influential literary magazine BOOKFORUM. This essay ran as the cover story in the June issue

of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ flagship national magazine, and is featured

in the latest National Academy of Sciences report on the state of science in America .

Other media referencing the technology commentary of Melissaratos and/or Slabbert:

Newsletter of the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (they chose an article on the research of Melissaratos and Slabbert to lead a sampling of recommended reads worldwide) * Strategizing Knowledge-based Urban Development (International Planning History Society conference proceedings * Educational texts selected by the US's Librarian of Congress for inclusion in the knowledge database of the US Senate * Semantic Knowledge Management (book) * Terrorism, Crime and Public Policy (book published by Cambridge University Press) * Knowledge-Based Urban Development: Planning and Applications in the Information Era (book published by IGI Global Information Science Reference, a leading publisher of encyclopedias and other authoritative reference works) * The CRC Handbook of Modern Telecommunications (book) * How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Web Site Design Business (book) * The Use of Internet-based Communication by People with Autism (UK PhD thesis) * Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Internet Awareness Amongst College and University Teachers (proceedings of National Seminar on Digitization and Networking of Library and Information Centers, India)


The Prospect of E-government in the GCC and E-Government Comparison Between Kuwait and Bahrain (two paper by scientists at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research) * The Transit-Oriented Global Centers for Competitiveness and Livability: State Strategies and Market Responses in Asia (Phd dissertation, University of California at Berkeley) * 21st Century American Technological and Manufacturing Renaissance (paper published by the American Innovation Working Group) * Strategy Making in a Crisis: From Analysis to Imagination (book) * Crafting Strategy Imaginatively (PhD dissertation, Germany) * Defense presentation for Modeling Strategies for Electro-Mechanical Microsystems (PhD dissertation, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands) * Watching YouTube: Extraordinary Videos by Ordinary People (book, University of Toronto Press) * The YouTube Reader (book, National Library of Sweden) * Fleeing the City: Studies in the Culture and Politics of Antiurbanism (book, Macmillan) * Prescribed readings, Project Kaleidoscope Leadership Institute seminar for science educators, sponsored by the US National Science Foundation and the Association of American Colleges and Universities * Telehomecare and Remote Monitoring: An Outcomes Overview (paper by medical scientists, Advanced Medical Technology Association)

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United States Energy Secretary Steven Chu, left, receives an autographed copy of Innovation, The Key To Prosperity in Washington D.C. from entrepreneur Dr. Jay Hellman. Secretary Chu, a physicist, champions research into alternative energy technologies and reduction of dependence on fossil fuels.

Dr. Hellman is a leading advocate of the use of advanced computer technology to create telecommunities – work forces whose members work mainly from home via fiber-optic Internet but live close enough to meet face-to-face regularly. Telecommunity is among the energy concepts reviewed in Innovation. Dr. Hellman said he had urged Sec. Chu to read Innovation because “authors Aris Melissaratos and N.J. Slabbert have excellently identified the technology solutions that the Obama Administration needs.”


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INNOVATION in Top 10 list

INNOVATION: THE KEY TO PROSPERITY made New York City-based's 2010 Top 10 Reading List for Tech Startups.

Mediabistro is a popular web site that publishes news and comment about publishing, TV and other media-related industries. Its Top 10 Reading List for technology entrepreneurs was compiled by Startups Editor Devon Glenn, whose work includes writing for Kirkus, one of the US’'s most prestigious book reviews. INNOVATION appears fourth on the list, which is Designing Interactions: Bill Moggridge * Founders at Work: Stories of Startups’ Early Days: Jessica Livingston * Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations: Clay Shirky * Innovation, the Key to Prosperity: Technology and America’s Role in the 21st Century Global Economy: Aris Melissaratos & N.J. Slabbert * Rework: Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson * The First Tycoon: The Epic life of Cornelius Vanderbilt: T.J. Stiles * The Four Hour Work Week: Timothy Ferriss * The Most Powerful Idea in the World: A Story of Steam, Industry, and Invention: William Rosen * Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust: Chris Brogan* Viral Loop: From Facebook to Twitter, How Today’s Smartest Businesses Grow Themselves: Adam Penenber


INNOVATION tops Washington Post Group business books survey

“"We need to make our country

look young again”"

INNOVATION tops a round-up of new business books i in a Post-Newsweek Media, Inc. publication, The Gazette, In the piece, headlined “Prosperity by the books”, journalist Dan Gross interviews Aris Melissaratos, who comments: “"We need to put people to work rather than hand out welfare payments, incentivize people to participate, spend on research, education, and we need to make our country look young again, invest in infrastructure …We can't have crumbling bridges and roads. We need much more spending in transportation. We need maglev from Halifax to Miami, to allow people to move rapidly on land, because both our interstates and airways are getting crowded. That kind of stuff is doable. China is doing it. If we don't, we fall behind."

Industry Week Editor

Steve Minter features Aris

Melissaratos in that publication’'s

Thought Leader” column

Thought Leader - Ambitious plans for innovation and manufacturing

Manufacturing and research expert

Aris Melissaratos outlines a vision for

America that combines an old-fashioned

reverence for science and technology

with a 21st century path to prosperity.

There is nothing modest about Aris

Melissaratos' prescription for rebuilding American society and its manufacturing base... writes Steve Minter (above).

In "Innovation: The Key to Prosperity," his new book co-authored with N.J. Slabbert, the former Westinghouse executive calls for a massive, 50- to 100-year government-financed commitment to innovation and technology to fuel our economy. Among the ideas presented are: rebuilding the nation's infrastructure; creating a transcontinental magnetically levitating rail system; initiating major oil shale processing, alternative-energy and nuclear power programs simultaneously; and drastically improving the U.S. educational system. To read more click here...

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Q&A with IMPO magazine editor Anna Wells (below left) & N.J. Slabbert on Rediscovering the Edison Nation

Slabbert is an award-winning

writer and scholar and

co-author of the recent book,

“Innovation, The Key To Prosperity: Technology & America's Role in the 21st Century Global Economy” with Aris Melissaratos. The book explains how science and technology drove America’'s previous

Fabricating a plan for

technological innovation

When others only lend vocal support to manufacturing, two authors actually have laid out a

Amanda Earing, (below) editor of asks N.J. Slabbert to elaborate on his and Aris Melissaratos’s calls for a swift and massive national program of new industrial production. Only this, he argued will be capable of creating the new jobs the country needs.

Mnet: How can manufacturing

executives benefit from reading your book?

Wanted: A Campaign for Global Technological Innovation

In this opinion piece for Europe's, Melissaratos and Slabbert argue that as global challenges become increasingly technocentric, a concerted campaign to usher the world into a new technological era is sorely needed. Read more...

anna wells, editor, impo
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amanda earing

Slabbert: The book has five aims for executives: To share with them a message of optimism by reviewing the enormous power of America's manufacturing potential.

To help kindle a renewed pride in

being manufacturers, since we live in a time in which popular culture undervalues the excitement of manufacturing in favor of more fashionable and seemingly more charismatic fields of enterprise.

Read more now...

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plan, Dan Davis, (left) Editor-in-Chief for The Fabricator speaks with

Melissaratos and Slabbert

and praises INNOVATION

for being an “excellent starting

point to hammer out a plan that

can be supported for years to

come, no matter which political party is occupying the White House.”

Read the editorial now ...

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economic prosperity but that America lost its technological momentum in the second half of the 20th century. Slabbert claims programs like the National Association of Manufacturers’ new Nuclear Energy Workforce (NEW) Coalition, created to empower a new generation of skilled workers to assume high-paying jobs in a resurgent nuclear power industry, are a step in the right direction. Read more now...

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year®

Aris Melissaratos is honored at the 2009 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® Awards, where this video was played to introduce him to the audience. The awards are conferred by an independent judging panel made up of business, academic and community leaders to salute achievement in business excellence and community improvement.

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Mr. Melissaratos was a featured speaker at the 2009 GreenTech Maryland Conference, whose media sponsor was the Baltimore Business Journal. You can hear some of his comments on the green econonomy, arising from INNOVATION, here:

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